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Thursday, September 16, 2010


Hello! So sorry, I've been busy with ending my summer and starting 7th grade. When was the last time I wrote, July? Well, I have to update you on the big 7. It's SO COOL! I love all my teachers, all my classes, and I absolutely love my homework! Just kidding. I am acually finishing up some homework now. Math, Science, and English. I wrote a poem for english and I thought you might want to hear it.

I Am...

I am beautiful like a rose.
I wonder if the world will bring peace.
I hear laughter in my head.
I see myself smiling in the frame.
I want my life to be a never ending line of laughs.
I am beautiful like a rose.

I pretend to be known throughout the world.
I feel the joy beneath my skin.
I touch my silky blonde hair as if it were the softest cloud.
I worry about my future, and how it will turn out.
I cry when I see other lives lost.
I am beautiful like a rose.

I understand I will not live forever.
I say life is like a song.
I dream of things nobody knows.
I hope I can be the best I can be.
I am beautiful like a rose.

What did you think? Comment with your name and state. Thanks guys! I'll try to write more often!

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