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Monday, July 26, 2010

After Alexander

New book idea! I'm writing it now! If you want to learn more about it, comment and I'll give you a sneak peek!


Here she is!

Busy Week: No Mexican Heat!

Sorry I havn't posted in a while, I have been busier than the shopping mall on Saturday. Just got back from Mexico yesterday, which was a great trip! I would have written from there, but there is no internet reception so I couldn't get on. Plus, we dont have a computer down there, aside from my uncle's laptop and fancy touch screen phone with internet. The first day was really gloomy. All we did was sweep, dust, and unpack. We played Yahtzee that night, acually we played every night. The mosquitos ate me alive that night, in the morning I felt like I had a minor case of chicken pox! The next morning after Eggs, bacon, sausage, and tortillas, we walked up in the hills (which was great, but tiring). Uncle Bernie and Aunt Megan seemed to like it. It was gloomy, but at 4:00 the sun came out. We alll sat on our beach chairs and drank Diet Root Beer (Only the adults added alcohol). We shopped the strip mall downtown and I bought a new toe ring to add to my collection. We saw these cute little baby lions and tigers and got to take a photo with them! They were so cute! If I can figure it out, I'll post a picture of one of the lions named Penelope. That night the mosquitos left me alone, so I was itchless in the morning. In the morning, we walked the SAME walk again only we went a lot further. 3 uphills! And they were steep (Like / )! I was about to die when we got home, but I drank some Power Ade and felt better. The sun was out all day that day, so we hit the beach. The water is ice cold there, but it felt good. We went home and played Scrabble. I took a nap, a long nap, while the adults chilled. No mosquiotos that night. Saturday was a lazy day. It was gloomy, so we all stayed inside. Sunday, we hit the road. I might go back in a month, so I said goodbye to it for now!