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Saturday, July 3, 2010


We finally arrived in Michigan today about an hour ago. My grandparents have made some MAJOR upgrades since the last time I was here (which was a long time ago!) The cottage is BEAUTIFUL and the weather is just right, a little bit cooler than Illinois, but perfect. I'm sleeping downstairs in the same room I slept in 5 years ago, but it is a lot different than last time. When I was here last, there were two sets of bunk beds in that room, but now it is just two regular beds. One for me, and one for my cousin (He's 2 years old right now, so he'll use the bed when he's older.) We recently went out on my grandpa's Pontoon Boat for a ride in lake Michigan, and I got to DRIVE! Well, more like steer. Grandma and my mom were snapping away with their fancy shmancy cameras. My mouth gets SO soar at the end of the day! There is a cool summer breeze blowing and it is SO relaxing! Oh! Since tomorrow is the fourth of July, we are decorating the boat with red white and blue for a boat parade either tonight or early tomorrow morning. We'll watch the fireworks from the lake, which will be so beautiful! Grandpa owns a couple of Jet Skis, so we might take those out for a spin tomorrow. Right now, all I want to do is R-E-L-A-X! After all, I have been on 2 3 hour flights and up late every night and I am just now recovering from a LONG 4 hour drive from Naperville, Illinois to Muskegon, Michigan. I have been to 5 states in 3 days. California, Texas, Illinois, Indiana, and now Michigan! And there is more to come! On the flight home from Michigan, we have to stop in Colorado for an hour. Who knew you could do so much in so little time?! When you guys comment (if you ever comment) Tell me about what you are doing this summer, and fill me in on the details. If you are not in the state of California, tell me your first name and state abbreviation. Aloha!