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Saturday, July 31, 2010


Hello! I found a quiz I thought you guys might like, so here it is!

The Best Nail Polish Color for you
1. In your group of friends, you are the most-
o Creative
o Popular
o Outgoing
o Shy

2. In your spare time, you like to-
o Paint
o Shop
o Sing & Dance
o Read

3. When you grow up, you'd like to-
o Paint a masterpiece
o Go to Paris
o Have lots of friends
o Write a novel

If you answered mostly a's-
o All different colors! Mix and Match neons and bright colors.
If you answered mostly b's-
o Purple. Purple is the color of royalty, and you lead in that direction!
If you answered mostly c's-
o Blue. Blue respresents a fun, quirky, girl with a huge heart.
If you aswered mostly d's-
o Mellow Yellow or Pale Pink. You tend to keep to yourself alot, so soft colors show that you are shy, but friendly and kind.

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