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Friday, July 2, 2010

My Trip- Summer Atlast!

I'm in Illinois right now! Tomorrow I am leaving for Michigan with my mom and our friends Jennifer, Elyse, Doug, Julia and Lilly Bowman with their dog Molly to visit my grandparents. Well, The Bowmans are going to thier grandparents in Big Rapids while we go to Muskeegon. We went to Chicago yesterday, WHAT A TOWN! I LOVED it there! It was a beautiful day, not too cold, not too hot. Today we stayed in Naperville, a small town just outside the city. I was so amazed at the landscaping, because you would think since Illinois is further north than CA, it would be colder, right? NO! I was green, hot, and there was not a single cloud in the sky! Bailee is in Lake Havasu, Arizona, and she sent me some pictures. I'll tell you right now, we are in OPPOSITE cities right now. Here, its green and full. There, its dry, brown, and very hot! 105 degrees! But they have a lake to cool off in, lucky ducks! I SAW ECLIPSE TONIGHT! It was the best movie EVER! I would recommend it! Well, I got to go get ready for the sack, because We've got a LONG drive tomorrow!

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