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Monday, March 26, 2012

One Year Later- The New Me!

Oh my gosh! Over a year has passed since my last entry. That proves how busy I am with soccer, school, life in general, and my crazy obsession for cosmetics. I started this blog, as any of you may remember, around 6th grade. I have changed a lot since then. First of all, I didnt wear any makeup besides concealer and powder in the 6th grade. I had the interest in makeup then, and was always trying to persuade my mom to let me use mascara because I was so self concious about my pale blonde eyelashes that made me feel so bare. My focus was mainly on writing and playing my favorite sport. In 7th grade my view on life and growing older changed me dramatically. I began using mascara, a funny story behind it. I went to my grandmother's church's Fall Festival Auction and they had a basket up for bids with various Mary Kay products, one of which was a mascara. In the basket was an eyeshadow, a sunscreen, an after sun replenishing gel, and lip gloss, and this mascara. Plus, a gift certificate to a boutique on Del Mar street (to clarify- the shopping district of downtown San Clemente) that my mom absolutely adores, called Bliss. My mother bid on the basket and won. She gave me the mascara and the sunscreen but kept the rest. Finally my day had come, and the next day at school I got many compliments from my friends. My self-esteem was at an extreme high at that time, which triggered my OCD for makeup which has lead me to become the person I am today. I have three drawers crammed with makeup of all sorts, organized by facial region (face/skin, eyes, lips). I am now in the 8th grade and wear makeup every day to school. My usual products are a foundation, concealer, powder, blush, eyeshadow, eyeliner mascara, and lip gloss. I will immediatly do a follow up post after I post this so that you are'nt reading a novel and falling asleep, talking about some of my favorite products at the moment.

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